Advice on improving your penis size

Average Penis Size

If you’re spending time searching for ways to increase penis size, thinking that it’s not long or thick enough to satisfy your partner, you’ve reached the right place. You’ll find out how to cope with your natural disadvantages, how to increase penis size and which of the penis size myths are true and which are not.

Average Penis Size

Is there an ideal size?

The average penis size is 5-7 inches (12.7 – 17.8 cm) when fully erect. The circumference is around 5 inches (12.7cm) when fully erect, as well. The best way to measure your penis size is from the tip of its head to the abdomen. Pay attention to the sizes you’re comparing with, if they’re set for erect or flaccid penises.

Does the size matter?

This is probably the trickiest question for most of the men. If we’re talking about women, then it’s the intercourse as a whole that matters, and not just the size of the penis. Women are more sensitive and they rather establish an emotional connection with their partner. If this works and they feel protected, loved, desired and important the size becomes a detail. Most women admit that it’s the technique what makes the difference and most surveys show the average penis size preferred y women is somewhere around 7 inches in length.

On the other hand, men might get unsatisfied of their size because of their social group and its beliefs or because some wrong images he has grown-up with. For example if the elder brother or the father has a bigger penis, one may get a mistaken opinion of what the average penis size is.

However, experts say that the size shouldn’t indicate the virility, or the sexual endurance. These two things depend more on your experience and your body’s reaction to high tensions. Moreover, men should take into consideration is that women would rather go for a thicker penis than a longer one, because of the feeling they get when stretched round the entrance to the vagina.

What happens if the penis is too big/too small?

In both cases there are two possibilities: either you find yourself a partner whose vagina is adequate for your size and you can both get pleasure without further efforts, or you talk to your doctor and find some medical solutions. He will tell you what the possibilities to increase size of penis are and whether you should use surgery or not.

If you don’t want a surgery enlargement, then you can choose between hormone-based pills and physical exercises. Drugs that increase size of penis are thought to be a waste of time by many doctors, so that the most efficient method remains the physical practice, by exercises. You should search for a specialist to tell you how to increase penis size and if this is the only way to improve your sexual life.

There are many ways to increase penis size, but remember that sometimes instead of using any of it, it’s better to communicate with your partner and find-out what else than the size makes the difference in your relationship.

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