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Average Male Penis Size

Average male penis size is a subject of much debate among both men and women alike. Many women or homosexual men prefer a certain penis size for sexual intercourse, though, contrary to popular belief, they do not always favor the larger penises. Some women and men prefer smaller penises as they may provide less discomfort or may  be more suitable to one’s anatomy. One should not worry about measuring up to the average male penis size standard, but being aware of the numbers can be helpful, as they allow one to know where he stands. These numbers should not be viewed as a standard or as the right or ideal penis size to have, as every individual and every relationship is different! What works for one couple or individual may not work for another.

Most studies report that the average male penis size for an erect male is between five and a half to six and  half inches, measuring from the head of the penis, from tip to abdomen. Almost fifty five perecent of American men fall into this category. Penises measuring six inches to six and a half inches were the next most common penis size, with four inches and below having the lowest numbers. Many men will find this information helpful as pornography and exaggeration among males often causes men to believe that their penis size is not the norm, even if it is perfectly average.

Male average penis size is also measured by the girth or width of men’s penises. Most American studies conclude that aproximately 79 percent of males between the ages of nineteen and thirty-five have an erect girth of between four inches to five inches. Girth is measured at the widest point on the penis,which should be at either the head, shaft, or base. It is important to note that the length and girth of one’s penis are not necessarily dependent on one another, meaning someone can have a smaller than average penis but a larger than normal girth.

Some women, for example, might not care about penis length but may want a thicker penis, while others may feel the opposite way. That is why it is impossible to say that any one person’s penis is too big or too small, as this is all subjective and based on personal preferenece. The best thing one can do is to not worry if he has male average penis size. Instead, he should concentrate on finding someone who finds his penis length and width enjoyable for sexual intercourse. Though there are certain numbers available for comparison, finding the right sexual partner and someone who appreciates the individual for who he is and not for the size of his penis is much more important than having average male penis size.

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